Sunday, 28 July 2013

jenny and the frog

The third day of the NVK photography camp was the tough day for me. I thought a fashion advertisement would be very easy as an assignment - I still think it is - but getting a male model just wasn't something I had prepared for.  For why there is a girl in the photos you have to read further.
I actually got a rather clear vision of what I wanted to do with him: a shoe advertisement. He jumping off a (small) cliff, the shoes clearly visible and on the go, his hair and upper body painted so it didn't look too much like traditional gender roles.
I think I tried to fool myself for the whole time about that it's going to be so cool. I made myself excited about it and it went all wrong. Well, nobody did anything wrong, in fact, at least he didn't. It just wasn't like I imagined it. I couldn't have made it much better with Lightroom either. On the first day I learned that if I'm not excited when shooting, I'm not going to be so excited when lightrooming.

After I had seen it wouldn't work with the shoes and the cliff, we went to the water and he jumped in and out of the water but I couldn't make it work. I felt really bad: I felt sorry for myself, I felt sorry for the model and the team for trying to help me and doing all those things for me even if it was for nothing because of me.
I'm still not quite sure what I could have done better. I'd like to be able to do things that are totally out of my comfort zone. Maybe if we'd had more time or if I had had a better vision. I hope it'll come to me one day, why was it that it went wrong.

What made the evening good again was another photo shoot. Two photographers were planning to shoot a new photo for the other one and they wanted an assistant. I wanted something else but my failure to think about and went with them. The idea was really good, the place was really good, the model and the styling and the lighting and the photographer were all really good and we succeeded in creating something very beautiful.
After that very successful photo shoot I felt much better. Jenny, the photographer modelling in Juuli's photo, and I decided to go to shoot a photo for me too. We walked for a while, found a frog, experimented and I finally had a photo. It's not a perfect advertisement or perfect otherwise but I'm eternally thankful for beautiful and fearless Jenny.


I sure hope the little frog survived its scary scary adventure with the giants. And don't ask what the photo is advertising for.

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