Sunday, 18 May 2014

one and one is more than their sum

Quite a while back I applied for a photography degree in a university that asked me to send them a series of photographs describing an event of my own choosing. The time I chose to create the series was a holiday week that was dedicated for studying for the mock exams of our IB2 year, and there weren't too many events that I had planned to take part in during that week... except the week itself. As I actually didn't spend the holiday at home, and it was the most relevant thing in my life at that time, that week became my event.
The activities to which I engaged to during the week were simply boring: eating, sleeping, crying (fortunately that's exaggerating), studying, procrastinating and doing something relaxing to let go of all the stress. The emotions we (or I) felt during that week were another thing completely, much more interesting: excitement, frustration, exhaustion, anxiety, despair and so on. So that's what I started to build my series on, emotions.

It was both a challenge and a refreshing experience to try to plan everything beforehand. Usually I have an idea without a goal, and now I had a goal without ideas. First I came up with all kinds of frustratingly obvious things, but after all I came up with three components; one very simple for its documentary nature and two that needed a lot of preparation.

The night Aino and I took this one, we tried to create the two bigger concepts, but the first didn't work out, at all. (It would have been awesome to have a photo about the game nature of IB, but actually my idea for portraying it wasn't a good one so it's good that it didn't work.)
This one was a tricky one at first, too, because it was very clear to me that I wanted to portray the endless amount of studying that was needed and the dull despair of that by positioning to mirrors face to face. Executing that was more difficult than I first thought, but in the end it worked perfectly with Aino simply sitting her back against a bigger mirror and holding a smaller one.
I'm very happy with this photo; it ended up reflecting the emotion I planned it to. I also had dreamed of using mirrors for quite a long time, and I was very happy for succeeding in using them at the first try.

As I was there taking the photo myself, I can't say if it's easy or difficult to comprehend the setting from the actual finished photo, so here's a kind of a BTS photo that only reflects the camera through one mirror.

Two more final exams to go and then I'm FREE

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